Tight Lines

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The story of Peter: a school drop-out, avid fisherman and musician, part-time job in a "record bar" in Kenilworth Centre. Everything's cruising along just nicely when his best friend, Steve, loses it when his wife cheats on him...Steve moves to the Eastern Cape to get away from it all. Peter's life continues although there is the addition of a serious girlfriend - the arty type - to his life. Then, out of the blue, Steve returns to Cape Town to see his folks and he convinces Peter to come and visit him at the hotel of which he is now the manager. Peter senses that his best friend has changed but reckons he owes him a visit and may just get the chance to land a juicy steenbras while he's there. Peter and girlfriend make the trip out to see Steve and it becomes apparent that Steve is not the friend he used to be. It all starts to go a bit pearshaped...This is the second impression. Limited first impression has sold out and has necessitated the release of more books into the market. Robin Auld is a reasonably well-known musician and therefore enjoys a fair amount of exposure. The book is an easy read, moving away from the "heavier" tones of so much South African literature.

Paperback. English. Free Lunch Productions. 2007. In Good Condition. 

Auld, Robin
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